Jane Martyn is an author and the whimsical alter-ego of Sarah Martyn Crowell and Katherine Jane Lindsay (Kate). By day, Sarah and Kate are serious, career-minded professionals in their fields of professional development and the law; but by night, Jane emerges and is prone to flights of fancy and creative indulgences.

Life-long friends from Toledo, OH, Sarah and Kate have always had a knack for creating things together.  From comics in grade school to cartoons in college, their love of a good story has kept them close over the years.  But when they hit their 30s, they decided it was time to get serious about writing and started on their first novel together, The Five Rings of Valorus.  Now living in Minneapolis, MN and LaCrosse, WI, they enjoy leaving their dogs with their family and slipping away for a “book weekend” to let their inner-Jane run free.

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    • Thanks, Linda! It has been a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to sharing more with everyone. While the book is obviously our big, end goal, we are especially excited about the blog because it allows us to connect with people on a weekly basis.

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